Experiential Retail Project Glossier


'WE CAN DEW IT' is an international, experiential retail concept, where skin imperfections can be celebrated in a slightly ironic way.

The role of retail is changing from a distribution center of goods to a distribution center of brand experiences. A logical step for online beauty brand 'Glossier' is developing an international, experiential retail concept because it is their ultimate wish. In addition, they see a great demand from the Glossier community for physical retail. The 'Glossier beauty distrupting tribe' plays a role in Glossier's 'democratise beauty vision' by challenging the status quo within the beauty industry. They do this by showing their imperfections (online) in a fun and ironic way. 

Glossier has no relevant retail concept that can be rolled out internationally while the tribe needs a physical Glossier brand experience worldwide to interact with both the brand and other 'Glossier beauty disrupters'.

Using international, physical experiential retail to be able to interact directly with the tribe (and the tribe between themselves) worldwide. As a result, Glossier will remain relevant to the tribe and in the market.

Graduation products.
A retail concept book, a campaign to introduce the concept and a sample product proposal. In addition, a tribe book because many choices are based on the 'beauty disrupting tribe'. 

(Amsterdam Fashion Institute Project Work).